Winerist: 3 Top Wineries in Valpolicella


We are happy and honored to announce a new important contribution and partnership with, the 2014 Best Travel Website. Winerist is an interesting and informative website for people all around the world who love travelling and exploring new experiences in the wine world: it  provides you suggestions and tips for your next wine destination. We'll contribute writing about Valpolicella, its territory, events, wineries and wines. Here you can find the beginning of our first post... 

"Never been to Valpolicella? If you are a wine lover, sooner or later you’re going to have to visit this area in the Veneto wine region, where the famous wines Amarone della Valpolicella and Valpolicella Ripasso are made. 

Valpolicella stretches 25km from west to east and 12km from north to south. The city of Verona is found in the south in the middle of a complex system of valleys that flow from north (Monti Lessini) to south. The Adige River limits Valpolicella in its western and southern sides. 

Usually, we divide Valpolicella into three parts: the historical part, called “Valpolicella Classica”, the Valpantena valley in the middle and the eastern part called “Valpolicella Doc” or “Big Valpolicella”, because its extension is bigger. In all of these more than 2 hundred wineries are found; most of them are family-run, in nice buildings more or less old, but some of them are quite interesting because they are hosted in ancient manors…".

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