5-DAYS Italy North East Private Wine Tour - 2 persons + 2 guides

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5-DAYS Italy North East Private Wine Tour - 2 persons + 2 guides


Private wine tour reserved to 2 persons with our guidance and presence during visits, tastings and Etna excursion.

Date of this private tour: 2018, June 30th-July 4th

  • Starting June 30th in Verona, Valpolicella

  • Tour days June 30th and July 1-2-3-4

  • Leaving July 4th from Venice

  • 2 +2 persons

June 30th

  • Valpolicella, two winery visits: Zymé and Tenuta Santa Maria Valverde

  • light lunch

July 1st

  • transfer to the Collio wine region, destination Marco Felluga winery (waiting for a confirmation of rooms availability)

  • on our road, we’ll make a visit in the Prosecco wine region, visiting the Villa di Maser (https://www.villadimaser.it/en), an ancient Venetian Villa, a masterpiece of Andrea Palladio, a UNESCO World Heritage Site, and an Historic Winery (the only winery currently in a Venetian Villa). We’ll visit the Museum and we’ll have the opportunity to taste their wines from this corner of the Prosecco wine zone, the Prosecco di Asolo DOCG.

  • dinner in the Collio area

July 2nd

  • visit and tasting at Marco Felluga winery

  • visit and tasting at another winery in the area: we are contacting Bastianich winery.

  • lunch and dinner

July 3rd

  • check-out

  • visiting the Carso wine area, the hills over Trieste, famous for the Vitovska white wines

  • two wineries among Edi Kante, Lupinc, Skerk, Zidarich.

  • dinner and lunch

  • as an alternative we may visit the Aquileia archeological site, the visit takes 3 hours and, after a light lunch, we may take the route for the next stop

  • Venissa Wine Resort http://www.venissa.it/en/wineresort/ & check-in at CasaBurano http://www.casaburano.it/  

  • Dinner and tasting at Osteria Contemporanea http://www.venissa.it/en/osteria/

July 4th

  • check-out

  • Venice airport

The Map

Here is the map with all the places included in the plan:


Renting a car

  • we’ll need a car to pick-up and drop-off in Verona for the trip, from June 30th to July 4th.

  • we are not considering the car cost in this proposal: we can assume a day cost of €100/day for a comfortable car

  • we are not considering fuel cost and highway fees, as well. 


Fees are intended for: 

  • 2 persons + 2 wine tour guides

  • all the activities mentioned here above are included

  • lunches, dinners for 4 persons

  • our presence (two persons) and guidance all over the tour

Car costs (renting, fuel, highway fees) are not included.

5-DAYS Tour with 2 wine guides: €1,700 per person (total: €3,400)



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